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What is object storage?

Object storage is more than just storage of moon rocks. It’s more like storing artifacts of all kinds from a moon landing.

With object storage, objects are kept in a single location and not in any file structure. Each file’s metadata is also stored, as well as the pieces of data that make up a single file and are assigned a custom identifier. This flat structure allows you to both store and collect data as you need it.

Object storage is one of the latest trends in data hosting. Today, organizations have complex file needs ranging from photos, videos, email, web pages, sensor data, and audio files. It’s the true definition of BIG DATA and big data analytics.

Object storage works well at multiple levels, whether it be by device, system, or interface, and allows you to retain massive amounts of unstructured data in a manageable way.

Build & Grow with usIncluded Features

High Availability

Need access to your data in real time? You’re in luck, as our space-age servers have an uptime of 99.995%. So, 99.995% of the time, your data is available all of the time.

Store Critical Data

While there are no spare tires in space, you’ve found the right partner in MoonQube. High availability isn’t possible without redundant systems to ensure your information is available when you need it.

Lower Cost to Performance

Because you can use exactly as much object storage as you need, it allows you to be more cost effective. Choose exactly what you need now, and we will scale with you in the future.

Static Website Hosting

Not every website or web file needs to be edited frequently. Host a static website or static website elements in object storage for cost and structural efficiency.

S3 Compatible

AWS S3 is one of the most popular data management interfaces on planet Earth. Our object storage is S3 compatible so we can interface with Earth tools too - just on the moon.

Scalability For Your Content

Scale rapidly as your content and storage needs grow, no matter the file type, size, or need.

popular use cases

MoonQube’s object storage offers so many uses due to its scalability, security, performance, and
data availability and is often relied on for use in:


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Storage Starting at $0.02 per GB
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  • 250 GB SSD Storage
  • 0 GB Bandwidth
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MoonQube 250 GB Storage, 1000 GB Bandwidth. vs. Competition 250 GB, 1000 GB Bandwidth, and 20,000 operations.

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    With Object Storage, you will be charged for how much storage and bandwidth you use per month. Storage pricing starts at $0.02/GB and $0.01/GB of bandwidth used.

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