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Business and Space-Ready Block Storage

The moon is a lonely and empty landscape. That’s a good thing when it comes to block storage.

In block storage, each volume acts as a separate hard drive configured by you – the administrator. It allows you to modulize – or “block” – your content into sections. Block storage is perfect for applications that require efficient, fast, and reliable data access.

MoonQube block storage offers you immediate retrieval of website files, databases, media files, backups, bootable operating systems, and more – in a method far more accessible than typical file storage.

Block storage offers superb flexibility and scalability, allows for frequent modification, and affords granular access control – while remaining secure and cost-effective.

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Spacious Scalability

Block storage is all about scalability. Whether storing databases, AI models, or distributed web apps, MoonQube is built with scalability in mind. As your organization grows, we can grow with you – and allow for configuration of individual blocks for any operating system.

High Availability

Need access to your data in real time? You’re in luck, as our space-age servers have an uptime of 99.995%. So, 99.995% of the time, your data is available all of the time.

High Redundancy

While there are no spare tires in space, you’ve found the right partner in MoonQube. High availability isn’t possible without redundant systems to ensure your information is available when you need it.

Lower Cost

Because you can use exactly as much block storage as you need, it allows you to be more cost-effective. Choose exactly what you need rather than spending on larger cloud storage options that may go unused.

high performancenvme drives

Blazing fastest performances with NVMe block storage, from $0.10 per GB

Shape your data storage with MoonQube block storage to perfectly fit your business needs – without wasting time, space, or cost!

  • 2000X

    Increased IOPS
  • 20X

    Faster Throughput
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Simple Pricing

Choose the amount of storage that fits your needs and budget.

Use the slider below to configure your plan.

10 GB



Plan Specifications:
  • Up to 10 TB of volume size available
  • High performance NVMe SSDs storage technology
  • IOPS: up to 8,000 (12,000 burst)
  • Throughput: up to 350 MB/s (525 MB/s burst)
  • Provides additional storage capacity to Qubes


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    How many Qubes can I connect to my Block Storage?

    Paranoid Android

    You can connect each Block Storage to one Qube. If you need the Block Storage accessible by multiple Qubes, we recommend setting up an NFS server for your other Qubes to map the storage.

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