What is Kubernetes?

Everyone needs a pilot for their spaceship. Kubernetes originates from the Greek language meaning ‘pilot.’ Kubernetes is an incredibly powerful platform allowing you to run software within the cloud at scale. If done correctly, Kubernetes, also known as K8s, can boost productivity and make your applications more stable.

K8s offer efficiency, stability, and future-proofing due to its decoupled architecture. In addition, while Kubernetes are not suitable for small applications, at scale, K8s can be more cost-effective allowing you to automatically scale your operations.

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Let MoonQube serve as your pilot and hosting partner for your K8s.

Highly Scalable

Future-proof and manage costs for your organization with K8s at scale. Moonqube will grow with you.

Full API Integration

Interface seamlessly with a variety of APIs to meet your organization’s needs.


Maintain control and always have a well-defined state for your configuration data.

Automatic Failover

Preserved uptime thanks to automatic failover and high availability.

Resource Effecient

Allows you to manage costs through efficient management and allocation of server resources.

Managed Kubernetes

Let us design and manage your server needs for rapid scaling and deployment.

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100% Sovereignty
of the control plane

Moonqube customers – take control of your Kubernetes control plane. At MoonQube, your control plane only costs what size Qube you deploy. Our control plane also has high availability as an option, so during an update, you’re still online always.

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With MoonQube, you will gain almost instantaneous visibility into your Kubernetes clusters
and workloads thanks to our developments.

Helm Charts

Define, install, and upgrade complex applications so you can travel to the stars.

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External DNS

Control DNS records dynamically and sync exposed services and ingress with Moonqube DNS.

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Cluster Autoscaling

Add nodes to clusters automatically as your organization continues to scale.

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Find the plan that suits your budget.

Getting Started

Our Base Kube Offering
  • 3 CPU Cores
  • 6 GB Memory
  • 150 GB NVMe SSD Storage
  • Free HA Control Plane
  • Scale automatically


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Standard Plans

Generic Workloads
  • 6 CPU Cores
  • 12 GB Memory
  • 240 GB NVMe SSD Storage
  • Free control plane
  • Scale automatically


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Memory Plans

For That Big Data
  • 6 CPU Cores
  • 48 GB Memory
  • 150 GB NVMe SSD Storage
  • Free control plane
  • Scale automatically


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CPU Plans

All the Processors
  • 6 CPU Cores
  • 12 GB Memory
  • 240 GB NVMe SSD Storage
  • Free control plane
  • Scale automatically


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Asked Questions

Why would I want Managed Kubernetes?

Paranoid Android

With Managed Kubernetes MoonQube will handle all of the complicated deployment and updates to simplify your usage of the kubernetes cluster. You will be able to jump right in and start deploying your applications.

What does your Kubernetes offering provide for transparancy and control?

What is the Kubernetes Control Plan for?

What is CSI?

What is the cluster autoscaler?