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Announcing Updates to Services, Support and Pricing

What’s new?


MoonQube’s pricing adjustments, effective in Q2 2024, reflect the transition to IPv6 and the escalating scarcity of IPv4 addresses. With IPv6 addresses now offered at no charge for all Qubes, MoonQube will implement a $2.25 fee per provisioned IPv4 address across cloud resources. Customers can opt for IPv6 migration to avoid IPv4 charges.

These changes also involve separating IPv4 costs from Qube charges, resulting in price reductions. Standard Qube pricing shifts to $4/GB, down from $5/GB, exemplified by the st1.medium plan with 4GB RAM and 2 CPU cores now priced at $16 per month instead of $20. Additionally, MoonQube will enhance value by increasing the base vCPU cores associated with plans, without altering pricing. For pricing information, please visit www. moonqube.com/pricing.

Reverse DNS Support:

This feature enables the resolution of IPv4 addresses to domain names, facilitating easier identification and management of network devices. With Reverse DNS Support, MoonQube users can efficiently track and manage their network resources, improving overall connectivity and network administration.

IPv6 Support:

With the latest update, MoonQube now boasts support for Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6), augmenting its connectivity features and facilitating seamless data transmission across networks. IPv6 addresses are available for no additional charge.

Messaging Queue Redeployment:

With MoonQube’s original design, any network disruption or control node outage could trigger an outage in the messaging queue. With MoonQube’s latest platform update, MoonQube now deploys a messaging queue as a complete, highly available service that can operate in a degraded state, simplifying our patching and operations process.

Automatic Image Conversion:

To allow for more efficient storage inside the Ceph-backed storage and decrease provisioning time on large images, images uploaded to MoonQube’s cloud in formats such as QCOW2 are now automatically converted to RAW.

Trim Volumes are now Default:

When data is deleted in Qubes, Ceph RBD now automatically reclaims the space, allowing more efficient usage of the storage space allocated to your Qube.

Key Manager Support:

This feature enables customers to use encrypted volumes and TLS-terminated load balancers, allowing customers to store secrets securely.

  • Existing MoonQube users will notice several console updates aimed at improved user experience, including:
  •  Cost estimation displayed on the load balancer creation
  • Support for managed database backups was added in preparation for the managed database launch
  • Region filter for floating IPs in preparation for launching a new region
  • Link to security group details from the Qube Security tab
  • Network region will display when filtering network ports by network
  • Rebuilding a volume-backed instance will no longer fail
  • Added MTU and other fields to the network creation prompt
  • Soft/hard reboot options
  • Multi-region support for load balancers in preparation for launching a new region
  • RBAC policies to all permissions
  • Clusters quota management
  • Support for managed database replicas in preparation for the managed database launch
  • Added database logs in preparation for the managed database launch
  • Ability to create multiple Qubes at one time
  • Early Renew options
  • Enhanced Security Group activity logs

“More and more businesses are migrating their operating systems, applications and data storage to the cloud so that they have more affordable secure, 24/7 access,” said MoonQube leadership. “What sets MoonQube apart is our approach to personalization, allowing clients to customize what works best for their company’s unique needs.”

MoonQube offers scalable, affordable technology support for businesses of all sizes, ensuring lightning-fast access to data and applications worldwide, backed by continuous backup for redundancy. They prioritize user-friendly interfaces and affordability while maintaining a commitment to 24/7 live customer support.

For more information, to receive updates or to set up an account, visit www.moonqube.com.